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What is Stucco 

What is EIFS? 


Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS) are multi-layered exterior wall systems that are used on both commercial buildings and homes. They provide superior energy efficiency and offer much greater design flexibility than other cladding products.

What is stucco finishing? 
Stucco, in use since the early Greek and Roman empires, has recently gained in popularity. Today`s stucoo is a mixture of acrylic-based materials applied directly to a water barrier. modern day stucco provides a seamless interior or exterior finish that offers additional energy efficiency unavaliable in other finishes. pigment available in a wide range of colors, is added directly to the mixture so the stucco does not need painting. Painting is an option should you be interested. New materials offer a fresh image that resists humidity, fading, chalking or yellowing.



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